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Marimo Ball Small Size 1.5" Dia.

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Marimo Ball Small Size 1.5" Dia.
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Scientific Name: Cladophora aegagropila
Ease of Keeping: Easy
Lighting: Low To Bright
Adult Size: 12 inches (30cm), that is over decades though
Aquarium Requirements: An undemanding plant from lakes with a good current.
The plant naturally rotates in the water, so you will need to flip it over occasionally to keep all sides green.
It handles tropical and cold-water tanks.
Notes: They are listed as a special Japanese Natural Treasure. Sometimes non-balling moss is rolled together and sold as marimo balls. Also, remember that these are NOT plants. They are a colony of algae. Therefore, if you use chemicals and even some medications they will die off. They grow very slow so a 12-inch diameter is attainable only in ideal natural settings. In the aquarium, the biggest reported is 5 inch diameter.
Size: 1 to 2 inches
Color: green