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Hai Feng for arowana / carnivores * small size- 180 grams

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Hai Feng for arowana / carnivores * small size- 180 grams
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Alife Fish Food for Flowerhorns allows for quick redness of Flowerhorns and brow raising. Alife Fish Food is specially developed for most Flowerhorn and Cichlid species to improve overall shape and brighten sparkle dots. Alife Fish Food has natural color enchancing ingrediants such as Astaxanthin and Krill to help your fish develop its most bright and beautiful colors after 2 weeks of feeding. Alife Fish Food also allows for fises to gain their color back when the color has been fading due to the changing of water. Alife Fish Food contains vitamins C, E and enzymes that maintains a beautiful shape, allows for growth and keeps your fish healthy.
Net Weight: 450g